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Cooktops, airplane tickets and silent TV

I woke at five, worked on the memoir, mostly revisions of re-edits–sometimes I find it hard to forge ahead–and eventually did things, like lift the broken cooktop to measure the counter opening, tried to open it up to see if I could isolate the broken igniter without blowing-up the kitchen, thus allowing us to use the other burners (no luck, or much luck since I didn’t kill myself) tried to contact the sales people to find out whether the new cooktop we selected would fit, (“no problem, we’ll take it back if it doesn’t fit.” “Yeah, but it’s a four week delivery.” “Oh, yeah, I see what you’re getting at.” ), tried to get air plane tickets to California and attempted to cash the United coupons they so graciously offered after last year’s Lisbon flight fiasco (coupons expire today) learning, after doing almost everything on Orbitz that I have to do it on United.com, until United.com froze, but did get a nice, helpful, young woman from United in the Philippines (better English than mine) re-re-doing all the bookings after which, at long last I got back to the cooktop lady and bought the new one. And, after four weeks of eating who knows what, I’ll get it, be disappointed and have to start all over while fighting someone.
So why this litany? After hours of that, each of these took over one hour, I wanted some mindless relaxation and turned on the TV. Mindless enough? Not quite. Nothing on. College football, games of no interest, sort of boring with announcers bursting with false excitement, and then I came upon a solution, albeit a temporary one. I switched channels, found a documentary, but I still wasn’t interested. Still found too jarring, even as background noise. So I shut off the volume. That made it a lot more peaceful and interesting if I tried to guess what they were saying. Then I started to make up what they were saying. Unfortunately, while doing that I couldn’t read at the same time which of course is what most people do when watching most anything on TV. Sometimes you can’t win. Sometimes?

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