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They are doing it to us, and we are letting them.

Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders are doing it. Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul did as well, just as president Obama did eight years ago. They kept their federal jobs, their titles, salaries and wonderful benefits while openly seeking other employment.
The Hatch act prohibits federal employees from engaging in political activity. Even state employees who are principally funded by the federal government are subject to this law. So why should it be possible for members of the Senate and House to keep their jobs while running for higher office?
Silly me. Because they pass the laws and they carefully exclude themselves from being affected by those laws. And yet, they do like to carry on about their ‘solemn duty’ to follow ‘laws’ that don’t exist. (see phantom Biden rule about supreme court justice nominations.)
So, while I am paying their salary, they not only aren’t showing up for work, they don’t even mind being filmed and recorded while pursuing this other job. If they worked in industry, my HR department would fully support my decision to fire them and no court in the land would dispute my being right.
If you were paying their salary, and you are, why wouldn’t you fire them?
Which brings up a related situation: the GOP platform is explicit about wanting smaller government. They are big on shrinkage, something akin to the “Costanza rule.” So why doesn’t the GOP question whether some positions are needed at all, such as state governors. Does New Jersey need one?
Chris Christie spent the last year seeking other employment. (Some may argue he has spent a lot more time than that.) Even when it became clear he wouldn’t get the position he sought, rather than returning full time to his current duties as governor of the state, Mr Christie chose to take an unpaid internship as Mr. Drumpf’s lackey, in the hope that it may lead to some undefined, albeit well rewarded, federal job.
Fortunately, at least in Mr. Christie’s case, as the ancient knight in the Indiana Jones “Last Crusade” episode said, “he chose. . .poorly.”

  1. Di Heuscher
    April 9, 2016 at 8:38 am

    Isn’t there discussion that the Hatch Act is no longer a viable act due to first Amendment rights? It seems to me that they have just swept the act under the carpet and pay no attention to what they feel is an antiquated, not to be bothered with act which should be rescinded? I believe if a government official wishes to run for office, they should take leave without pay to do so. According to your article Hillary Clinton did the right thing to stop working and then run for President.

    • April 9, 2016 at 11:16 am

      Recently Brian Fitzpatrick, brother of our current congressman, started the process of running for his brother’s seat, allegedly while employed by the FBI. Never mind that he lived in LA till he decided to run and immediately become the odds on favorite. The Hatch Act prohibits him from doing what he did but, since he resigned, all is apparently well. I agree with you: wanna run? Put skin in the game and quit your present job.

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