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The End of the World

I have been watching “The Dig,” a TV show that—I’m not giving anything away—seems to be headed toward Armageddon, unless, one can only hope, the hero prevents it. In The Dig, fundamentalist Jews and Christians are part of the plot, which is not far fetched; all the ultra-religious, whether Christian, Muslim or Jews, have more in common with each other than they have with their coreligionists.
I bring it up because so far I have enjoyed the show. It is still in that early stage when new and unexpected co-conspirators pop-up every half hour and the viewer has little idea what it is they intend to do. Or why. They even have Essenes in the plot. I vaguely remember a mention of the Essenes as associated with the Dead Sea scrolls but as far as I knew they disappeared 2,000 years ago. Live and learn. (By the way, since they believed in celibacy, odds were they would dissapear. See The Shakers)
What fascinates me is the preoccupation with the end of the world, not only on the show, but in real life.
Isis (The Islamic State) fought hard to gain the Syrian city of Dabiq and its strategically unimportant plains. Seems that’s where the final battle between Islam and the armies of Rome will take place. I sure hope they don’t mean the Italian army. They didn’t fare too well when Mussolini send them to fight Ethiopians armed only with spears.
Fundamental Christians are also preparing for the end of days and the Rapture. That battle should take place near Har Megiddo (The Hill of Megiddo, hence the term Armageddon) which was strategically important way back, when caravans had to go through that valley. (I have been there. It is a lovely spot a couple hours north of Tel Aviv, with a small museum and various archaeological digs)
In The Dig even the Jews are in the end-of-world plot. Something about a prophecy involving the birth of a red heifer. Must be quite rare indeed, because the heifer is born somewhere in Scandinavia which led me to wonder what sort of monitoring of cattle births throughout the world they have in place. No matter. I didn’t know about any heifers. I thought we Jews were waiting for the Messiah, as we have for something like 3,000 years and that it would be a good thing when the Messiah finally arrives. Otherwise why would be waiting for so long?
These are big issues requiring deep contemplation. I do tend to analyze things but I am not as religious or spiritual as others. I am happy just sitting here, like one hundred and fifty generations before me, waiting. But this being the first day of spring, I am watching college basketball (March Madness) while it snows and snows outside. All day long. Looks like half a foot so far. I suppose that if it would be happening in the show, it would mean something.

  1. Jeff
    March 23, 2015 at 9:50 am

    Ted Cruz has announced his desire to become president of the USA, and will run. He’s speechifying in front of young fundamentalist Christian students. They cheer often (at statements that make me cringe). When this news reaches the PR experts at ISIS, I expect they’ll cheer too, and pray he wins.

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