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Quantum politics

I live in a Newtonian world. It’s what I understand. If I could grasp the concepts of gravity as a distortion of the space-time continuum, maybe I could invent an anti-gravity machine. Or at least some device affording me better control of which dimension I’m in.
This is because of my concern with the String Theory—although I’m not sure it has many adherents any more. A consequence of this theory, if I’m not mistaken, is a universe consisting of many universes arranged in parallel, like a loaf of infinitesimally thin slices of bread. I never figured out whether the theory allows one to move between all these universes but I’m starting to suspect one can.
Take for instance the current impasse in Congress. The White House wants to extend the payroll tax suspension. The Senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of a two months extension. The House wants to extend it for a year. This allows the Dems and GOP to complain about one another which has the added attraction that Congress can complain about itself, thus joining over 90% of Americans.
Part of the complaint is a claim that allowing this extension to expire constitutes a tax hike. Really? Allowing a ‘temporarily’ suspended tax to resume is a hike? This confuses me.
But wait, these suspended taxes are the ones that fund Social Security.
This makes me believe I inadvertently slipped into a parallel slice of bread, I mean universe, one where Social Security isn’t about to go bankrupt in 20 or 40 years. That’s nice. I like it here. Maybe I can stay. I just hope I’m not dragged back to the place where Social Security is in trouble, and the same politicians that today steal from it and yesterday raided its coffers, decry its untenability and suggest draconian solutions that will hurt everyone. Except themselves.

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