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On being American

With the politics of a presidential election in full force I can’t help but be amazed by how much each candidate paints him or herself as a true American.

I’m not running for office, but I believe that I could claim to be more American than most–whether running for office or not– because I chose to live here and I chose to adopt American values. Most candidates have never been or lived anywhere else. Huntsman is a rare exception but most are more like Bush Junior who famously had never been anywhere (except once to Mexico) before he ran for the presidency, even though his father had been ambassador to China. Had I been Bush Jr., wild horses couldn’t have kept me from visiting China.

I had choices. I could have stayed in Cuba. I could still return there, after all, it’s where I was born, where I can speak without a tell tale accent, where the weather is tropical and the ever-present music livens one’s heart. Or I could’ve moved to another Spanish speaking country, to family in Venezuela or to friends in Puerto Rico or Spain. Or I could’ve chosen my eternal connection to Israel where I could spend the rest of my days elucidating who has the rightful claim to be called the felafel king. Or I might’ve moved to one of the foreign lands of awesome beauty I’ve visited, where life must be idyllic and the natives don’t spend so much of their time running for office.

But I’ve chosen to live here, in the United States, where the streets aren’t paved with gold, the NFL has become a lawyers paradise and the two political parties are equally ineffective but diametrically opposed to the other. I must confess, though, that sometimes, when I chance on the news of the day and the endless stream of political nonsense, the thought of moving to Queenstown, a small city in the southern part of New Zealand’s south island, is might tempting.

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  1. lynda battleman
    June 29, 2011 at 9:23 pm

    Now I officially know someone who has a website. Way to go! Lynda

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